What is Influencer Marketing?

To put it simply, this is where an influential person collaborates with a business to promote its product or service. 

Celebrity endorsements were the original form of influencer marketing but in today's digital world, businesses now choose to work with social content creators with niche audiences as they offer more value. These people have dedicated and engaged groups of followers on social media.

Beauty Vlogger

At Story, we want to helping your business to be seen and talked about by all the right people, in all the right places.


Our team will work with you to understand your businesses goals when collaborating with influencers. We work to identify who the right influencers are and how best as a brand to engage, incentivise and ignite influencers to spread your message to your target audience. It’s our job to create a clear and bespoke brief for the influencer to create a collaboration which will position your brand in the right way.

Influencer Selection

We have established an engaged group of influencers. These  influencers are selective about which brands they work with and so our relationship enables us to identify the right creators and match them perfectly to the brief and brand. We will create the strategy, whether that forms around the joining experiences that we host or gifting or paid strategy, we will execute this for you.

Analysis & Reporting

Influencer marketing is notorious for being difficult to analyse. Whether it is brand awareness, engagement or sales, we will analyse the campaigns looking at the metrics you care about most.

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