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Sydne de Wet


Story was founded by Sydne de Wet, built upon her many year's of international experience in leading the development and delivery of marketing campaigns, initiatives and events for global organisations based within the UK.

Sydne began with one goal in mind – to help small businesses grow. She believes that small businesses are the backbone of the global economy. They lead innovation. It is their work and ideas that create a better future.

Story is much more than just a business for Sydne, it's a community of inspiring clients, followers and most importantly friends.


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Robyn Gerber

Social Media Manager

Robyn attended Stellenbosch University, where she recently graduated with an Honours degree in Commerce, majoring in Marketing Management. After completing a dissertation in influencer marketing, she has broadened her knowledge in digital marketing and has developed a passion for social media in particular.


She also completed the Young Minds Entrepreneurial Programme through the University of Stellenbosch Business School. In addition, she is currently completing a digital marketing course through Red and Yellow Creative School of Business.

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